Please note: The College allows high school drop-outs or learners without Matric to take lower level courses (Level 1-3).


Applicants seeking to attend Brooklyn Health Academy must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for admission:

  • Passed Matric; or
  • Successfully completed Technical Matric N3 ; or
  • Be a transfer student from another college or tertiary institution in good academic standing.

*Official Matric Statements must be submitted to the academic records department

Students, who meet one of the above criteria, must complete the following to be admitted:

  1. -Submit the application for admission
  2. -Pay the non-refundable enrollment fee
  3. -Complete the required placement exams
  4. -Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended (these include institutions where the student may have attended and withdrawn without receiving credit)

IMPORTANT: All admission requirements should be completed within two months of submitting the application. Specific programs may require additional admission requirements. Visit the Academic Programs link to determine what the admission requirements are for the program of study you are interested in.