community health work 4 community health work Community Health Work (Level 4) community health work 4
FET Certificate: Community Health Work
NQF Level 4 (Credits 156) – SAQA ID: 64697 (HWSETA Accredited)
This is a one year qualification and can also be offered as skills programmes, modules or short courses
Providing a service that will assist communities to better manage their own health and wellness. They will have the skills to work as team members and as providers of support services within a multi-disciplinary health care team.
Learners with a full matric pass with the following:
  • Mathematical Literact at NQF Level 4
  • Communication at NQF Level 4 in a First South African Language
  • Communication at NQF Level 3 in a Second South African Language

Learners without a matric will complete the bridging course consisting of the fundamentals

Recipients of this qualifications will be able to:
  • Facilitate and administer community health activities/centre via supervision of a team of health care workers
  • Provide community health care
  • Provide care for persons with intellectual and physical disabilities
  • Assist in planning advocacy campaigns to support primary health care initiatives
  • Assist in facilitating and implementing primary health care projects within the community
  • Engage in inclusive communication with the Deaf in South Africa
The Community Health Work qualification allows you to move horizontally towards:
  • ID 62589: Further Education & Training Certificate: Pharmacist Assistant, NQF Level 4
  • ID 58396: Further Education & Training Certificate: Community Development: HIV/AIDS Support, NQF Level 4
The Community Health Work qualification allows you to move vertically towards:
  • ID 63969: National Certificate: Pharmaceutical Sales Representation, NQF Level 5
  • National Certificate: Business Studies: Medical Secretary, NQF Level 5
The qualification comprises of 5 programmes
    • Programme 1: Communication
    • Programme 2: Maths literacy
    • Programme 3: Assist in planning and implementing promotion programmes for health care within communities
    • Programme 4: Provide community health care
    • Programme 5: Achieve ancillary health care objectives within own community/work context


Registration Fees 500 500
Deposit Fee 3 000 3 000
Monthly Installments (12 Months) 1 500 18 000


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