Thank you for choosing to study with Brooklyn Health Academy via correspondence (STUDY AT HOME) programme. Please take your time and read through our prospectus, application and enrollment form and terms and conditions concerning studying at home or via correspondence with Brooklyn Nursing Academy.
This programme is created for everyone;

  • People who are busy, and or have no time to attend classes but wishes to continue studying to achieve their dreams.
  • Parents who cannot leave their home on regular basis for classes.
  • Domestic workers who cannot leave their jobs for regular classes.
  • People who works in shifts finding difficult to attend classes regularly.
  • Young and old can study.
  • People who prefer to study on their own time and pace.

All Brooklyn Health Academy courses and modules are applied and registered via email (ONLINE APPLICATION), please visit our contacts page for inquiry, application and registration details, student support, application form, our prospectus, fees and examination dates. The learner receives support through continuous assessments to monitor his or her academic performance before examinations.

  • Assessments. Assessments are done in terms of assignments and final examinations.
  • The learner is expected to submit minimum number of assignments as prescribed by the course or module enrolled before he or she qualify for the examinations. Please read the course details regarding these requirements.
  • Study materials courseware.  Upon registration the learner receives-via postage or e-mails his or her study materials (textbooks, assignments and hand in dates for assignments). Please it is the responsibility of the learner to provide the college with correct information regarding postage and e-mails or Telephone details. In case of changes in contacts, the learner is required to update the college for such changes immediately as these are the only contacts that the college relies on to contact you.
  • Hand in dates for assignments. The learner receives the hand in dates for the assignments (dates on which the assignments must be submitted) together with his or her study materials upon enrollment. No late hand in are accepted. Term mark (course mark) contributes 40% and examinations contribute 60%. If a learner does not have assignment (term-mark 40%) his or her examination results will not be released, pending submission of the assignment marks. Therefore it is imperative for all learners to receive assignment and submit their assignments in order to generate term-marks.
  • Examinations. Engineering studies are in trimesters for level and examinations are written every after 3 or 4 months every year.  All examinations are written at Our campus in Pretoria. Upon enrollment with Brooklyn Nursing Academy, the learner is automatically registered for the examinations for the course or modules enrolled. The learner is obliged to furnish the college with correct and detailed particulars concerning; date of birth, gender, full names and physical address as these are necessary for examination entry.
  • Personal examination time-table and results. The learner receives a personal time-table which bears his or her names and examination number which permits him or her to sit in the examinations room. (The personal time-table and results are sent via e-mail only).
  • Results are issued to learners approximately 3-weeks after the general completion of examinations and thereafter an official statement of results is issued.  A certificate is issued when the learner has passed not less than 4 (four) subjects (modules) as prescribed by the course.