Brooklyn Health Academy offers courses that are dynamic, challenging and exceptionally rewarding as well as provides you with numerous job opportunities. Brooklyn Health Academy is a Private Further Education Institution dedicated to training Healthcare Professionals for the health industry of South Africa. We provide equal education opportunities, especially to students who do not have general access to educational institutions, to adequately prepare themselves for entrance into the local and international healthcare markets.

Professional Courses

We have qaulity courses that bring professional value to your career or a great start if you looking to start.

Accredited Courses

Our courses are fully accredited and give you multiple pathways to study further and advance your career.

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Flexible Learning

We have flexible learning schedules to accomodate your busy working schedules and commitments.

Affordable Fees

Our courses are well set to allow you to study further and build your career and build your life at the sametime.

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Ancillary Health Care Level 2

The South African Government is committed to combining [...]

Community Health Work Level 4

Community health workers hired by health care agencies[...]

Community Health Work Level 2

Community health workers hired by health care agencies[...]

Great Career Starts with a Great Academy

All Brooklyn Health Academy courses and modules are applied and registered  online and registration details, student support, application form, our prospectus, fees and examination dates.